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Looking for Super Manly and Heterosexually ImPOOOOsing Typesetter! (Experience preferred)

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7:43 am, Dec 9 2021
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Hello, I’m looking for a manly Typesetter that can assert his manliness and bro aura preferably with experience to help me with super extra manly series (Think about Jojo if it didn't continue after stardust crusaders. Not the ones after) Warning ahead for the super fragile and easily offended, these are over-the-top muscle bounds stories with a lot of chad situations, bro-code, honor, strength, battles and a lot of girls to save and power to show off to the world how a true man with sweaty big muscles and upgraded testosterone levels lives.

Currently, I have about 30 series to discuss which is the alpha male title. You can typeset at your own pace. The whole process in general will take time because my team needs to REDRAW and IMPROVE the violence, its manliness and make more muscles and more sweat and battle blood. The plan is to release a separate version that is completely leveled up into the "JUST DO IT!!" level to 100% with suitable sfx to match it.

I'm looking for someone who has a good eye on choosing manly fonts, imposing sizing, and testosterone-bound coloring too when needed. I can give you 100% hetero guidance as well.

In return for your help, I can translate or proofread ANY Japanese manga of your choice (all the other KR-Chn comics are for ps*s anyway). You can join me as your bro-in-arms if you do this. as a guideline Hokuto No Ken is about 45% of the manliness that I need, I need something like 125% more than Hokuto.

If you have any questions or you want to help out just send me a private message on here.


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