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Undercover Time Travel Manga?

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5:48 pm, Apr 30 2024
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Hello, I was wondering if there are any Manga that revolves around the MC going on Undercover Time travel missions to help solve a mystery or save someone from their demise or prevent a terrible event from happening?


8:50 am, May 4 2024
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Boku Dake ga Inai Machi is a well known one. I only saw the anime & didn't read the manga, but it was very good. It's a pretty common trope so you might want to try an advanced search with the different tags that start with "Time" (look at Boku Dake's tags).

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11:20 pm, May 14 2024
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Orange (TAKANO Ichigo) kinda? The characters themselves don't travel, but notes/things from the future get sent to the past so

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7:50 pm, May 15 2024
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...if you're fine with manhua "A Journey to The Past" (寻找前世之旅)


3:34 am, May 16 2024
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Not sure about undercover part but
Time Patrol bon

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