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New Poll - Visiting Us

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9:33 am, Aug 20 2022
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This week's poll was suggested by purfect_kutie64, who has been here for at least 14 years. How long have you been visiting us? If you're curious, we've been around for about 18 years, of which I've been around for about 17 of those years

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: If I could choose which gender to be reincarnated as, I would choose to be a
Man (currently a man) - votes: 1623 (40.7%)
Man (currently a woman) - votes: 770 (19.3%)
Woman (currently a man) - votes: 738 (18.5%)
Woman (currently a woman) - votes: 855 (21.5%)
There were 3986 total votes.
The poll ended: August 20th, 2022 9:27am PDT

Do men make up most of the users of this site?

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Slowly going

1:40 pm, Aug 20 2022
Posts: 537

I think ~10 years?
For sure I was visiting when onemanga was still as thing, just didn't even make an account back then

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1:49 pm, Aug 20 2022
Posts: 21

As I remember, right after finding baka-updates for anime at ~2005-2006.

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2:28 pm, Aug 20 2022
Posts: 1685

Nice to see a lot of the same people around for over a decade hehe ;3

I found Mangaupdates through bakaupdates around 2005-06 but didn't create an account until 2007. At that time, I had a crappy notepad to keep track of all my mangas until my hard drive crashed. Good thing it was only around 1k manga lol

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7:24 pm, Aug 20 2022
Posts: 740

According to my profile, I've had an account for 13 years now, though I remember frequenting the site for a few months (maybe even a year or so?) before making an account.

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8:27 pm, Aug 20 2022
Posts: 72

I found mangaupdates on 2008/2009, when I first started reading manga on sites. I think I created the account around 2016, but I have just actively using mangaupdates around 2019/2020, at the beginning of pandemic. Being isolated, I didn't have much to do except reading manga and manhwa. I need to sort out the list, and mangaupdates have just what I need.

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8:46 pm, Aug 20 2022
Posts: 299

Just about what I was about to write, the account is 13 years old but I feel like I've been using this site to find manga several months before eventually made an account mmm...

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8:59 pm, Aug 20 2022
Posts: 149

Looks like we gotta see in another poll what the gender breakdown is! :3 I'm curious about all our members, too!

Regarding this week's poll... I've made friends and penpals on MU; I'm glad it's one part of my life that's stayed constant!

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11:20 pm, Aug 20 2022
Posts: 89

I think I lurked for a few years before actually making an account. I still have browser bookmarks from when that was how I would save manga I wanted to check out instead. I don't think I have updated my lists with all of them either...

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11:50 pm, Aug 20 2022
Posts: 5

my profile says over 15 years, could be even more before I made an account.

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2:56 am, Aug 21 2022
Posts: 176

Ever since i registered so over 11 years... (I actually got into manga 13 years ago so maybe got here slightly before registration, not by much though, but either way it falls into 11-15 range)

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6:44 am, Aug 21 2022
Posts: 131

10 years! (and like 9 days), so uh happy anniversary xD

A couple years into when I started reading manga? which is why my Completed manga list begins with a dump of manga ‘completed’ the same day. Also, far better than meticulously saving and updating bookmarks in a manual fashion. So thanks, MU.

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Lone Wanderer

7:44 am, Aug 21 2022
Posts: 2112

More than 13 years! And I'll continue until this site dies, or I do, whichever happens first, lol.

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10:26 am, Aug 21 2022
Posts: 160

Almost coming up to 10 years with an account; I definitely lurked without an account for a few months, maybe a year. I remember writing down what I was reading on a note card previously. (I feel like I had a quicker finish rate back then though, cos the note card could only hold so much info.)

Internet Lurker At Heart
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10:49 am, Aug 21 2022
Posts: 13

Soon it will be 15 years since I registered but I wonder if I have lurked before that....hmmm. Definitely longer than I thought, I feel old now.

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