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found this on reddit AND i wanna know the sauce, do y'all know it??

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1:59 am, Mar 28 2021
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So the uke loves the seme a lot, and it was a manga a really old one. And I can’t get it out of my head, so basically the uke has been in a unrequited love with the seme since they were little. The uke watched the seme as they grew up, while the seme notices the ukes feelings, he thought that it’ll eventually pass by. The seme is bisexual so he gets with guys and girls, but then one day when the seme was talking to his friends about the uke, he said “I hope his feelings for me will be gone already, having him with me when I’m in a relationship is so stressful, I always have to pay attention to him”, and when the uke heard he ran away. Days later the seme notices that the uke has not been talking to him, so he starts a chat with the uke when he saw him. And when they were talking, the uke confessed and also said “I loved you ever since we met, you were the light to my dark world, but now I feel like you’re the one who became the dark world that I’m living in. So I wanted to thank you for all these years you were besides me, I won’t bother you anymore, I’ll let you go” Then the uke walks away, the seme didn’t chase after the uke because he thought that was for the best. But then he deeply regrets it and tried to find the uke, he kept dreaming of the ukes smile and he would always cry afterwards. He said “where are you right now, why aren’t you with me, I miss you so much I feel like dieing, I wished I could’ve spent the time you were with me better, I wished that I could go back to that moment and chase after you”Years later the seme saw the uke coming out from a hotel with a man and decides to literally stalk him, the seme was mad pissed and he got jealous (100xmax) to the point where he decided to follow the uke to his home and kidnapped him bringing him to his place and basically keeping him there.


10:58 am, Mar 31 2021
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1:26 pm, Mar 31 2021
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2:12 am, Apr 25 2021
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3:25 pm, Jul 27 2021
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bump D:. did the original poster gave out any details about the characters features and stuff?

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