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Japan's Explicit Content Bills

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9:25 pm, Dec 16 2010
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For those that are going completely postal right now this ordinance only affects the Tokyo prefecture ONLY and NOT the whole nation.... for now.

That aside, I say for all those publishers in Tokyo to raise up your middle finger or use a similar gesture and say FU Tokyo and leave. Just imagine what would happen, may happen, if they all left including Akihabara. I mean come on, if a government is creating a environment that is in-conducive to your business why stick around.

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10:36 pm, Dec 16 2010
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Problem with them all leaving is that it'd expensive as HELL. Making all your workers move/commute to another city, many may quit because of the commute, retrain new workers, buying/renting new office building, selling/renting old office building, etc. Plus they would lose some of their sales because they can no longer sell in Tokyo.

Large Businesses would do this = no
Medium Sized Businesses = cry
Small Businesses = dead

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12:26 pm, Jan 26 2011
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So put age restrictions on it. But don't ban and make it inaccessible to adults.

1) While research on whether reading about deviancy of this particular manner actually makes you a deviant (murderer, rapist, pedophile, etc) is scarce, the studies that do exist don't support that claim.

2) This is not an issue of morals but rather, it concerns personal liberties. People generally don't care when it doesn't effect them, but do care when it does. However, it will be too late then. How long is it going to take for them to start banning things which aren't fringe and consumed exclusively by "hardcore deviants"? Last I remember, one of the series they were seriously considering banning (on their long lists) was Neon Genesis Evangelion due to it containing sexually suggestive materials with minors. People should care even if it doesn't directly affect them, but just as I pointed it, it may already affect them and they may just be oblivious to its effects :/.[/quote

I think basically what i was trying to say is that adult manga shouldn't be readily available for children to access.but then every manga with anything remotely sexual in it will end up being censored.and then even teen rated series will end up being affected by this bill to.which i seriously don't like the idea far as shota/lol/hentai combo goes i don't read it.but what i have seen of it i don't it's more of a personal opinion that i personally don't like this genre.not that there shouldn't be anymore of it available for other adults to read.i just won't be reading it by choice.

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6:36 pm, Jan 7 2012
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... lolicon is evil, so is anything where someone impose his will onto someone because it gives the image to poor willed and can damage the weak, not saying sex or any expresión of it is bad tho. Normal people should learn there are lots of sick ones who look normal that get ideas based in wut your normal sick brains want for amusement... but then again flapping using pictures of lil girls being raped may sound normal for most of u so i will stop bigrazz as those who are the mayority are wut we all call normal.

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