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Anime OST

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4:54 am, Nov 13 2009
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Samurai Champloo
Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan

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7:58 am, Nov 13 2009
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I like the music from Kotoko in Kannazuki no Miko, but I didn't like the anime itself much.

If you've ever thought or said "Nice Guys finish last" and really meant it, then you should probably read this LJ post by DivaLion. It's incredibly insightful whether you're male or female.

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9:03 am, Nov 13 2009
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Trigun OST
Wolf's Rain OST

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9:29 am, Dec 30 2009
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Just got Phantom's OST track and it's awesome.

Post #345375 - Reply to (#121422) by sakon
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3:49 am, Dec 31 2009
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Quote from sakon
naruto soundtrackes and music all of them r good biggrin

Ya same to me...I duno....I like all Naruto OST....all of them have story behind that....the song about friendship, dreams and everything make me feel so enthuse....omg such a nice song even i duno the meaning coz in japan.... sad

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5:12 am, Dec 31 2009
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not on single series OSTs but more on multiple artists XD

Asian Kung Fu Generation
Beat Crusader
Porno Grafitti

+more XD

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4:35 pm, Jan 20 2010
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Currently, I really any OST by...

Bruce Faulconer (DBZ-obviously)
Kajiura Yuuki (Erementar Gerad)
Iwasaki Taku (Kekkaishi, Soul Eater)

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6:42 pm, Jan 20 2010
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Simoun's OST is really good

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10:30 am, Feb 3 2010
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imo for Japanese it has to be Hack//Sign thanks to See-Saw, they are awesome women with voices that send me to another world if you catch my meaning~
for english, then Pokemon, some of the catchiest songs ever! embarrassed


10:41 am, Feb 3 2010
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Pretty much any OST by Kajiura Yuki for me.

So that would mostly be...

Kara no Kyoukai
El Cazador de la Bruja
Pandora Hearts

I've been meaning to watch some of the .hack anime, but haven't really gotten around to it.

But yeah, OSTs don't usually stick out to me much unless they are as dynamic as Kajiura's music. I also love her work with FictionJunction.

Post #355114 - Reply to (#249382) by carpenoctem
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8:34 am, Feb 5 2010
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Quote from carpenoctem
Love Ghost in the Shell OST. Yoko Kanno and Ilaria Graziano are amazing songwriters and singers. I love listening to "Where does the Ocean Go".

i really agree, I've been listing to it most of the day.
i pretty much like most of the Ghost in the shell O.S.T's
Gilgamesh - Wasuremono no Mori by Yuko Ando
Trigun and Cowboy Bebop both have great soundtracks.

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6:01 am, Mar 21 2010
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Cowboy Bebop... It's the only anime where I haven't skipped OPs and EDs, but always listened to them + this was the first time I actually downloaded a soundtrack AND listened to the whole of it *_*
Ok, I listened to Monster's and Mushishi's OSTs too, but that's mostly because of my obsession with these two xD


7:13 am, Mar 21 2010
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Eureka Seven

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I am the Devil

7:39 am, Mar 21 2010
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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Black Lagoon
Pandora Hearts

good stuff

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11:50 am, Mar 25 2010
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Most of the Cowboy Bebop soundtracks
Mind Game
Akira (the first anime soundtrack I ever bought)
All of Satoshi Kon's works scored by Susumu Hirasawa

Recently discovered a link to the first Cyborg 009 soundtrack, which I've been looking for for years, and it is amazing.

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