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9:42 am, Aug 27 2022
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This week's poll was suggested by Afiaki. Does a comments section for a series yield value to the community? We've actually thought about this for a while. Did you know that currently every single series has its own forum? Go to any series page and look for the "Forum" field

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: How long have you been visiting MangaUpdates?
Started this year - votes: 402 (11.1%)
1-2 years - votes: 436 (12.1%)
3-5 years - votes: 525 (14.5%)
6-10 years - votes: 838 (23.2%)
11-15 years - votes: 954 (26.4%)
16+ years - votes: 461 (12.7%)
There were 3616 total votes.
The poll ended: August 27th, 2022 9:38am PDT

I'm glad that many of you have stuck it out for so long!

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10:15 am, Aug 27 2022
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Easy access comment section like what Batoto and Mangadex had was super good mmm...
It's a great tool to discuss the chapter and also interact and give feed back with scanlator mmm...

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12:32 pm, Aug 27 2022
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Not sure about manga but sites that have comments for manhwa are wild. Predominantly consisting of thirsting over female characters, people comparing things to Solo Leveling, or bots posting scams and pornography.
discuss the chapter and also interact and give feed back with scanlator
is a rare occurrence in my experience 🤣


12:43 pm, Aug 27 2022
Posts: 383

Comment sections: absolutely. I still miss mangadex's comment sections for each chapter.

Forums: not really. A forum is a forum, if the forum is good for what I want then I will use it as a forum but I don't think of it as "a feature of a manga site".

I voted "Yes" because of the comment sections though.

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6:01 pm, Aug 27 2022
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While it's a great place to talk about the chapter and the development so far it's unfortunately used to share pointless memes (and meme wars), 98% of which have been reused way too much (often incorrectly or are not even relevant to the chapter), or riddled with bruh, segs and wifu's comments that add nothing at all.
If questioning the content on a popular manga/hwa ppl often get trolled and same for the opposite case, critical thinking or analyzing the plot seldomly seems welcome and there are some really intolerant and rude people out there.
Still every now and then there are some interesting ideas or theories, and sometimes someone answers a question seriously.

In short, imo the comment section is a good place to discuss the story but mostly used for anything but.

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8:06 pm, Aug 27 2022
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Depends on how it is done, but sometimes it is nice to have it

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8:26 pm, Aug 27 2022
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Almost 40% of us are decade veterans here

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11:06 pm, Aug 27 2022

People are uneducated animals on the internet and it shows. If you want to read actual, well thought out theories about the manga in question, there are blogs/websites where one person is putting in effort to write an article for a chapter (like „Library of Ohara“ for One Piece).

Anything else is just gossip for weak minds to feel a sense of community. I‘m so glad MangaDex doesn‘t have the comment section anymore (for now, at least).

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6:52 am, Aug 28 2022
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I think comment sections are okay, in general. It's sometimes fun to see reactions to certain scenes, just to get a feel of what others thought. But it really depends, though. I've noticed that the comment sections on pay-to-view sites (eg, Tapas) have less stupidity than free sites. With aggregators, where anyone with a computer or phone can access them, you get a whole lot of the worst a comment section can bring. Really, there should be an IQ test and an age assessment one needs to pass before they can leave a comment. Lol.
When there's no comment section, I like the feeling of privacy you get. No one around to nitpick or crap on your faves. That's why I'm happy so many paid services (like Lezhin and Tappytoon) have no comment section.

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3:08 pm, Aug 28 2022
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As a scanlator, I really enjoy seeing everyone's comments on a chapter after I release it.
Helps give me the motivation to continue scanlating a series.

Don't really care about forums, though. Just a basic comments section is fine.

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4:38 am, Aug 29 2022
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I'll say yes and yes... though it depends on the website.

I think it's great to have forums and comments on this website because this website is information based and, though rare, I've seen the forum on each series used in ways that are truly helpful. Comments/reviews are usually more useful here because people are sharing their opinion with letting others know what's up about a series in mind.

For something like Mangadex? Just the comments are nice for some silly interaction and the occasional good discussion (I have seen one or two).

Though I will say, as much of a pain as the Mangahere tsukkomu feature became (and the resets sucked), I do wish that was something other (less toxic) sites used. I remember fondly the "fang" commentary whenever a girl had a snaggle tooth... particularly for Tomo is a Girl.

If I could make one suggestion, it would be adding some functionality to the "looking for..." section. Particularly, a best answer feature with a score for users who come up with the correct answer. I think it would help at least a few more people out.

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6:51 pm, Aug 29 2022
Posts: 491

Yes, especially if I'm reading something old. I like to scan through the comments on each chapter as I go and maybe leave my own. Sometimes I'll even go over to reddit chapter threads or similar while I'm reading through a series.

As far as the forums here well, people don't really forum like they used to with other social media available.

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9:49 pm, Aug 29 2022
Posts: 610

I don't browse the forums much (just the looking for one)
But I think the forums are useful, just it's easier to manage on the site that hosts the actual chapter

Post #798969 - Reply to (#798943) by Contently

3:17 am, Aug 30 2022
Posts: 193

Quote from Contently
Not sure about manga but sites that have comments for manhwa are wild. Predominantly consisting of thirsting over female characters, people comparing things to Solo Leveling, or bots posting scams and pornography.
discuss the chapter and also interact and give feed back with scanlator
is a rare oc ...

I completely agree with this.

Though in legal sites, less popular or moderated pages. The comments are usually quite civil and there's usually lots of theories and opinions. The bad part is that if they're ilegal they eventually go down or if the series gets popular it ends up being the same five constantly fighting over the top post making it imposible to find a decent post. If reddit counts as a forum you can usually find a decent and we'll moderated communities (thought as in all the oposite is also posible).

It's also quite nice when the author or translator/scanator answers your question on a Q&A or gives their insight.

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6:36 am, Aug 30 2022
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Comments are unbelievably important for series with very few views, otherwise you feel like you're just posting into the void with zero impact.

For popular stuff with a lot of comments it's fun.

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