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New Poll - Reading Age

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7:24 pm, Jul 31 2022
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Good poll!

I read Chobits at the age of 11, probably downloaded it off Mangatraders in 2005.
Scan quality (among other things) wasn't so great back then.
I was getting into subbed anime around the same time, and was already into western webcomics.

...I also ran across a directory of a full volume of untranslated
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
hentai on a very unrelated Google Image search (with safe search on); so I 'read' that as well. :I

Trying to give harsher ratings to series on my lists.
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Freedom is life

10:42 am, Aug 4 2022
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I started watching animes very young but I had no idea about online scanlation back then, I was one of these "read on paper" people (but I didn't have money for mangas, I could only read books).

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11:00 am, Aug 4 2022
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I was around 8 when I started reading some of the manga my sister had on her shelf (Yu-Gi-Oh, Shaman King, Rave Master), although I was watching anime before that. I started reading manga online around age 12 and collecting physical volumes around age 16. I'm surprised how many people here started reading manga around the same age, I was not expecting that.

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11:36 am, Aug 5 2022
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I was around 22. I was a casual anime fan growing up, but didn't get really into it until after I graduated college. It was after a recession and I had trouble finding a job so I filled some of my free time with anime. And then I started reading manga to see how some of my favorite anime ended.

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8:03 pm, Aug 5 2022
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11. I had a friend whose older sister read Ranma 1/2 and other series from shounen jump. I started physically collecting when I was about 12 or 13.

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5:54 am, Aug 6 2022
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The early teenage years. One of the first times was when my then highschool gf recommended me some to read since she was a light otaku. Started off at onemanga (some of y'all probably remember that), and here I am.

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