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First impressions.

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7:45 pm, Nov 3 2015
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There was no topic for this yet, so decided to start one.
First thing I can say, it feels really "death notey". The story so far indicates there will be a death game, which is why everyone is comparing it to mirai nikki, but I'm really, REALLY hoping this will take a different and unique approach if it comes to a death game.
I'm liking the main characters so far, their designs are awesome (which is nothing unexpected from Obata), especially the angel, and I like how the MC looks really similar to the original death note MC.
Talking about the angel, I'm wondering about what her purpose will be, whether she'll be a neutral presence like Ryukuu, or maybe she has her own goals and will help or meddle with MC accordingly.
All in all I'm looking forward for more chapters and seeing what direction this will take. What about you guys?

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Seinen is RIGHT

7:35 am, Dec 31 2015
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The continuous parallels to Death Note can´t be denied (we even have a broadcast to announce the rival in ch.3) but the series is way more of a "boy´s manga" in comparison. Dat Sentai... and i am not the biggest fan of the female characters as of now who are all plot devices.

What i find more noteworthy is the breakneck pacing and i wouldn´t be surprised of the series ended up being their shortest project. Especially if you recall the comparable fictional manga about fallen angles from Bakuman which had a similarly short run by design

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Freedom is life

5:30 pm, Sep 28 2016
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I wouldn't be surprised if this was axed if anything, instead of being their shortest work. The obvious association they want to create with Death Note only make it worse in comparison, neither the characters being up to par nor the utterly bad "intellectual" battles or anything else for the matter. I would have already dropped this long ago if I was not still expecting something from Ohba and Obata.

Reading this is like reading a parody of Death Note, and I'm surprised the duo could pull off something this bland to the point of doubting if it's really the same people.

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2:33 am, Mar 5 2017
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Couldn't agree more. This is a massive disappointment - why is it so damn bad? It's more like Mirai Nikki than Death Note.

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Freedom is life

9:01 am, Jan 27 2019
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It's more like Mirai Nikki than Death Note.

This is literally the best way to describe it!

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