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Koukou Debut End.

Did you like the ending?
Could've been better.
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Post #265344 - Reply to (#265337) by riney25

8:25 pm, Mar 8 2009
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Quote from riney25
Could have been better, but I wasn't expecting much.
I suppose I'm satisfied with the end since I wasn't expecting much.
It was cute. It made me happy.

same! i love that manga the most!! it's one of the best!! EVER!!!
but at teh end my tears started falling down and at the very end i laughed soo hard!! it was great!!

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12:31 am, Mar 11 2009
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It was fine but I do wanted to know about yoh ;_;!
it's one of the firs mangas I learned the name of the characters x)!

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6:53 am, Apr 10 2009
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It was a really simple ending. Like what some other people said, it could've been better, but I'm still pretty contented with how it ended.
The last 4 or 5 chapters sort of made the very end worth it (what with the letters and speech and everything.. i thought it was really cute). eyes

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12:15 pm, Apr 22 2009
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I have to disagree with the disapointment with the series' dealing with the sexual issue. It couldn't really just ignore it and avoid coming off as as artificially pure and innocent, but it would be awfully difficult to write a "first night" that wasn't bland (it's so common these days), so instead, we have the typical "I don't want you to go home tonight" dialouge...but then they realize that actually doing it would be more complicated and they're both too embarrased to go through with it!

That's funny, quite in-character for both of them, and it's an excellant parody of current shoujo manga, and that's actually what this whole series was to a fairly signifigant extent.

The ending was a bit dull, but crafting a conclusion with any weight would be pretty difficult for a series as low-key as this one.


4:16 pm, Jun 16 2009
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Hm, well i just finished reading it. In my opinion, yeah, it could've been better. At least it showed an ending of 1 year later, [I would've killed myself if there wasn't LOL] but I really wish it showed a lot more, or had an extra chapter.

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4:34 pm, Jun 16 2009
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i actually liked the beginning, and the middle part, but nearing the end, it became less interesting and the ending was pretty blah. none
but the rest of it was good enough that i still consider it to be a good read smile

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4:37 pm, Jun 16 2009
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i have yet to finish the manga.and when i do,i'll tell you what i thought :]
hopefully, the ending will make me content.

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5:09 pm, Jun 16 2009
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the whole long distance thing worked out in the end so yeah its ok.

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Post #327676
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11:48 pm, Oct 14 2009
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so this ended at chap 52 as i recall

and there is a 30ish page one shot "enren debut" that i have also read.

i just saw that there was supposedly another one shot of "enren debut", is this accurate? has it just not been subbed yet? (or is the 30 page one ive read, both of them?)

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2:32 pm, Apr 3 2010
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Just re-read this series.

Going back to my original comment back in page 2 of this thread...


It kinda upsets me more this time around than it did before.


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2:35 pm, Apr 3 2010
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It was ok
Thought they would have sex before it ended though

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