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On second read.

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12:36 am, Jul 19 2015
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I read this again to experience how much I liked it the first time that I had read this however on a second read years later I have realized something;their relationship is a mess and jay Jin annoys me. First of all, she quickly resorts to blame and hatred even if it was partially her fault.
Example A,
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
she left her female body guard to change her clothes when she was told that it's dangerous and she needs to stay safe. Next thing you know by helping someone she doesn't know she gets taken away without them knowing her identity

Example B.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Gets taken by wean twice blames and can't even look at jarte either times it happens claiming it was solely his fault.

Why was she even worth it? Her love was decided by who needed her more. People fell in love just when she glanced at them thoughtlessly it wasn't even her personality any of them fell for it was pretty much how she looked (I.e weak and in need of protection) that they fell for.
The people that were attracted to her had psychological problems. Ewan was abandoned and then abused by his adoptive /real parent, only learning how to feel for another person through this half sister. Jarte witnessed his fathers attempt at suicide rendering jarte emotionally unable to love another out of fear he can't handle all the emotions. Campanelli is a mafia don making him a little twisted because of his profession.
Does anyone feel the same way or can prove why this romance was good. just please don't say it was realistic I won't believe you. laugh

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