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Is "The Beginning After the End" Available on MU?

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3:49 pm, May 28 2022
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I want to track my progress for this webtoon but I couldn't find it in here. Any idea?

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7:06 pm, May 28 2022
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It's an OEL webcomic, and those aren't allowed on MU. (The only OELs allowed are published books iirc.)

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8:41 pm, May 28 2022
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Yes, OEL webcomics are not allowed here. I just want to say that not everything that Tapas licenses and the like is straight out manhwa. Regardless of the position of the author. It is not sourced from the original language. Many are submitting entries as manhwa, which I suspect follows the random tag from batoto (or they simply don't know), which is incorrect.

However, an exception was considered for series under Kisai Ent. At least, for now. Lamb and I just discovered this issue recently and we discussed where those series stands. I will confirm that all of them are OEL even though it's Indonesian. We don't delete them because these entries are already in. But I intend to be more strict and fair about this in the future.

Hope that clears up the misunderstanding and sorry for the mistakes on my part.

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