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5:56 am, Jul 21 2012
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Im still in middle school and unsure, but i would love to become a foreign exchange student to Japan in highschool, but it is unlikely and I want to go to medical school in an ivy league college

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Another Life

1:59 am, Jul 23 2012
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Media and Entertainment Management.

Not really loving it -nor hating it- but time's running out (almost 24 yo) and I wanna finish something.

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2:34 am, Jul 23 2012
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Studying for my BS in nursing~ off to nursing school in September. Can't wait! Excited for my clinical rotations. biggrin
Completely enjoyed my experience getting my pre-nursing certificate at a liberal arts college. Dance, painting, African music, massage classes <3

btw...cadavers are amazing. We only get to look/touch at the moment, but I hope we can dissect one someday wink

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6:51 pm, Jul 24 2012
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I just finish my B.S. in Radio/Television & my minor was Theater, last May. Working behind the scenes of radio and television is something I quite enjoy.

But I will say I’m glad all my classes are done. At my university, there are only 2 professors to teach the main classes and the head of the department knows how to push his students to the point of making students question if they really want this degree or career.

Now I get the chance to go back and joke with past fellow classmates who are still working on their degree.

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8:13 am, Jul 26 2012
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Computer Communication and Technology

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8:36 am, Jul 26 2012
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Starting my 4th year of law at university in Oslo.
I like it a lot. But I am also doing business management at a norwegian business school and next year i will move to Copenhagen to start to study International Business Management.

They have a international business program there where you spend first year in danmark at Copenhagen Business School, second year at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and then the last year at the University of North Carolina.

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12:11 am, Oct 2 2016
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About to complete a Bachelor in Psychology in December. Going to start for my Bachelor in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CDIS) in January. After that's done (however long that takes...) going to get my Masters in CDIS. So much school... #whatamidoingwithmylife

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Well, hi there.

12:12 pm, May 8 2017
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Well I'm preparing for the entrance exams to a law university because I have an incredible interest in law and international relations. biggrin

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11:21 am, May 13 2017
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I have a degree in Economics and am now studying Law.

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12:08 pm, May 13 2017
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I'm a 4th year medical student, i still have a long way to go.

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6:50 pm, May 13 2017
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I got a B.A. in anthropology with a minor in religious studies. Lately I've been considering going back to school as I'm in the midst of a career change.

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10:41 am, Apr 14 2020
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Nowadays I study, Biology, Math, Physics and Chemistry.

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7:50 pm, Jun 9 2021
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9:12 pm, Jun 9 2021
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3rd year Energy and Environment Engineering

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