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Lord of nonsense

10:59 pm, Aug 18 2012
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it is finally done smile

It was good and had potential, but as it usually happens it got a rushed ending.
still gets a 8 from my side smile smile wink grin

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8:10 am, Aug 19 2012
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i wont give it 8, it's 9 man!!!
just what is happening? manga with quality in stories are axed everywhere! sigh~
must find another release that have this kind of good stories T.T

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7:41 pm, Sep 23 2012
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The manga was incredibly slow paced, this is good if it actually last long, which i think it was actually intended to be a long series

but it seemed that many people is not patient enough to watch how Tyr becomes a legend, and it was forcefully ended by the publisher, creating the abrupt end to the otherwise good story

The author started the series thinking that it could go on forever and didn't seem to have a back up plan in case the series is axed which indeed happened

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