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Manga with psychological romance drama stuff

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2:48 am, Nov 19 2022
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I'm really into Romance/Drama with psychological stuff with it, i'm just looking for a simple story that makes you want to really binge it, i'm not really good at being specific, but what i want is that it has "Deep" stuff going on, and unique art style atleast.

Basically i'm finding a manga similar to Boy's Abyss, or do you know any new manga with deep drama stuff? i can't find hidden gem anymore like i used to in 2020...

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9:03 pm, Nov 19 2022
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7 seeds[m]
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso[m]
NHK ni yokosu![m]
Watashi no Tadashii Onii-chan[m]

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1:28 am, Dec 2 2022
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340 Days

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shoujo connoisseur

10:22 am, Dec 2 2022
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Drowning Love

wine baths?
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10:59 pm, Dec 4 2022
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Nyanta to Pomeko ~Imasara Shinjiteiru to Iwarete mo Mouteokureda~

Soredemo Boku wa Kimi ga Suki

Reward me by letting me know your thought..

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