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Abused heroine

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4:02 pm, Jun 7 2017
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I'm looking for some recommended romance manga where the heroine has a dark past where she was abused/raped, or where she's currently being abused/raped.

In most romance manga, the guy is the one who has some mysterious, dark past where he was abused/abandoned/neglected, etc, and the heroine has to break through his walls. While I don't mind that, I really like seeing it be the other way around sometimes. Titles like Bitter Virgin and Mars, although they don't have to be exactly like them, especially Mars, since in that case the hero has a past that's just as dark. I prefer romance to be a main focus of the story, and I don't want it to end in tragedy. I don't want the heroine committing suicide or she and the main guy parting ways "for the best". I prefer the hero to be the one pursuing the heroine, and it's a plus if he's protective and/or alpha-type. Stories don't have to check all of those boxes though! Thanks for your recommendations!

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4:18 pm, Jun 7 2017
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Freezing - An arc early on is that you find out Satelizer is the slave of her little brother who abuses the shit out of her. Her love for the main guy helps her break free of her brother's grasp.

Taiyou no Hitomi - Main girl is getting abused by her mother's boyfriend. The main guy steps in to protect her.

Chuusotsu Roudousha kara Hajimeru Koukou Seikatsu Roudousha - The main girl has been abused by her cousin for years.

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