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Temporary Hiatus Due to Health

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11:50 am, Jan 22 2017
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As the title suggests, the author of this series is taking a break due to the hospital's recommendations. Her blog post indicated that she is in treatment and looks to continue the series afterwards.


11:51 pm, Jun 16 2017
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Hope she recovers soon and start the series again smile


2:59 pm, Jun 29 2017
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Hope she recovers well
I will wait for as much as it needs for this series to continue as it is an amazing one smile

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4:50 pm, Sep 14 2017
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Xia Da has returned! As of a few weeks ago she's healthy enough to get back to drawing again, but unfortunately no Chang Ge Xing yet cry She's fighting to get the rights from her old publisher. Praying it doesnt take long... but you know how legal things go no

Source: eturn-2917

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11:23 am, Sep 19 2017
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Thank you for sharing this. I didn't know about the legal battle, I only knew about the health issues.We can only hope for the best in this situation... Such amazing manhua doesn't deserve to be lost in a vicious legal battle.


3:32 am, Jan 22 2018
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Wow that's horrible; what an underhanded publishing company. I really hope the authors health continues to improve and I hope she gets back the rights to her story. Thanks for sharing the info here lets all keep our fingers crossed for her.

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