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4:56 am, Mar 7 2012
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Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Shit man. It really was Law.

Well, there were still other Shichibukai positions to be filled, so there is still hope for our other splitting friend.

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4:59 am, Mar 7 2012
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Damm u 1 minute faster!
Already locked! wuzzat! That super mod embarrassed !

From the other topic "i" made
Ah god dammit, that image that Robin thought of was funny
And damm was "him" after all
Im suspecting there are 2 powers/forces going on at island
One are "his" men
the other are the animal/human pseudo something dadada thingies which "he" made like that
Meh and i was hoping it was Buggy who had learned to apply his skill to others sad

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5:36 am, Mar 7 2012
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Hmm i wonder who the gas guy is though. he specifically said he wouldn't come out. Is law working under him?

also why does the big guy remind me of brownbeard laugh

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7:27 am, Mar 7 2012
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This was a rather amusing chapter, and quite a good one too.

Trafalgar as a Shichibukai was unexpected, but at least it was good to see him (can't wait to see him in action). biggrin

See ya!
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8:55 am, Mar 7 2012
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Well, I called it, although I didn't think it would really be him.

I wonder what he did to earn a price of 440 million belli. That's more than Luffy's worth now.

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9:40 am, Mar 7 2012
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Oh, so he killed pirates in order to become a shichibukai...
Still, I seriously did not see it coming.

Nulla in mundo pax sincera
"Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth." - Albert Camus
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sleepy ghost

10:02 am, Mar 7 2012
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This arc just got a lot more interesting. Either the world government doesn't mind Law's part in keeling Luffy alive or they simply don't know.

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."
- Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain
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11:03 am, Mar 7 2012
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Wow, I wonder what is his reason becoming shibukai. I kinda guess somewhat but this is Oda-sama, everything is a possibility. Maybe same reason Smoker has being in the island?

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11:48 am, Mar 7 2012
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I wonder if that Law is real or it's just a form the gas master of the Punk Hazard came up with. He's probably real though.

"I'll shut your mouth~~~~~ with mine~~~"

Post #527828 - Reply to (#527804) by ferian

11:59 am, Mar 7 2012
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Quote from ferian
Well, I called it[/url], although I didn't think it would really be him.

I wonder what he did to earn a price of 440 million belli. That's more than Luffy's worth now.

Well, one of his crime is aiding the escape of the straw hats. Kizaru saw the whole thing. But I don't think that is enough.

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12:53 pm, Mar 7 2012
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well with law being theire that explains the weird animals but still i cant imagin law workling for someone i think he is more like flaminge does what he wants when he wants it...

what do u think happend to his crew?

and i cant wait to c luffys reaction when he meets law
he saved his life after all
and now it is quite possible that they will fight each other...

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5:52 pm, Mar 8 2012
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This is so good! 659 chapters... and it still surprises me, makes me laugh and wait for the next chapter. And I really don't know where the plot is going... could the gas guy be Vegapunk?
What are the hidden reasons for Trafalgar wanting to become a shichibukai? And the hidden reasons for those 2 admirals fighting? and the kids? and who spoke on the den den mushi? and who was the samurai trying to rescue?
aaaaaaaaaaah curiosity is killing me!

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