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Why do some people dislike vegans?

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5:05 am, Sep 21 2014
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I know this might seem like an odd question but, for those of you who dislike vegetarians and vegans, why? Ever since I've become vegan, I've had so many jokes and insults directed to me, and I don't really understand why somebody would dislike it.
And also, how come you aren't vegetarian?

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5:31 am, Sep 21 2014
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Because they tend to be very preachy about their diets.

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5:32 am, Sep 21 2014
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The extremists (in anything) makes people dislike things.
I knew a vegetarian in high school, and he was irritating. Constantly trying to prove to us that we should all be vegetarians too, trying to make us watch those documentaries about how chickens are treated etc. making a point that he bought "vegetarian shoes", basically making a big deal that he's vegetarian. I also had a housemate that was a vegetarian and she also made a big deal out of it. Couldn't use her knives to cut meat. Can't let meat touch anything that was hers, that she'd be sick if she ate meat. It got tiring. Hilarious because she's actually not a vegetarian anymore and enjoys a steak like no other. (so much for feeling sick eating meat eh?)

I don't dislike vegans or vegetarians. People can eat what they want, I don't give a damn. Some people just need to stop making a big deal out of it though. But like I said, those kind of people are everywhere in all types of things, not just vegans and vegetarians.
I would never insult someone over it either. I used to tease my housemate though because whenever I cooked bacon or sausages, she used to say "that smells good" and I'd be like "yeah 'cos I'm cooking meat" but it was all in good humour XD

So I guess the reason people dislike it is because probably someone in their life has tried to convert them, making a big deal out of it or something idk. Doesn't give anyone a reason to insult someone over it though, especially if you're not trying to convince anyone to do the same.

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5:32 am, Sep 21 2014
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Because of the extremists and the hater's own ignorance. I'm talking about those militant vegans that burn down farms with the animals left in them killing hundreds of animals, attacks on milk trucks, bomb threats against stores selling animal products, random attacks in the streets etc... Then there's also the preachers.
Hatred only feed hatred.
As for the hater's own ignorance. It's just ignorance and some fear. Sometimes just fear, sometimes just ignorance or just somewhere in between.


6:19 am, Sep 21 2014
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I would guess that, the behaviour of some vegans are the cause.

Some vegans believe or act as though they are morally superior when compared to meateaters. People can believe what they want, and if their values indicate that a person who has choosen to not eat meat is better than a person who has not made that decision then fine.

They have, however, no right what so ever to attempt enforcing those values on other persons. And i guess that's what some people feel what's happening when vegans are talking about their choice in a very noticeably way.

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7:03 am, Sep 21 2014
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I used to be a vegetarian (now I returned to eat fish, though I still don't eat land animals' meat) and it really sucked. I never preached about it, I tried to mention it as little as possible, but the instant people noticed that I was a vegetarian they would make all kinds of questions, try to convince me to eating meat, make awkward jokes... It was really annoying :/

So I dunno, I think it's partially due to vegans who try hard to convince people to become like them, but it's mostly due to non-vegans/vegetarians who can't accept anything different. Also sometimes people think they are being funny and don't realize they are actually being annoying and using the same jokes over and over~

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7:13 am, Sep 21 2014
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Like everybody's said, there seem to be lots of vegetarians and vegans with a totalitarian approach, and people who regularly make remarks like "Eww, how can people do that?! If everyone were like us, something like this wouldn't happen!" in a lecture for veterinary students aren't going to earn any bonus points.
If you haven't met them yet, consider yourself lucky. This attitude has even caused one of my vegetarian friends to become wary of other vegetarians and vegans.

I for one am not a vegetarian because I love the taste of meat and fish too much. Though, I do admire the tolerant vegetarians and vegans for having the will to abstain from all those products for the sake of their beliefs.

Regarding the food inconveniencies that people are so concerned about I don't consider that troublesome at all. Eating out or cooking together has never been an issue for my vegetarian friends and I. Where I live, there are plenty bakeries, cafés and (fast food) restaurants with vegetarian or even vegan dishes on their menu. And if you want to cook together, get yourself a recipe from the bhuddist cuisine, and you'll be amazed by its deliciousness.

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7:24 am, Sep 21 2014
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Because there are a significant number of vegans that go overboard with the vegetarianism to the point of annoying the person next to them especially when that person is not vegetarian.


7:50 am, Sep 21 2014
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Because so many vegans are fanatics, they're the Al Queda of vegetarians

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4:05 pm, Sep 21 2014
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Logic tells me that it's a preaching issue, though I've never actually heard any criticism of vegetarians/vegans except on television shows. I veer towards the vegetarian side myself (see below) and while my friends tease me all the time about bacon being delicious, and I lecture them in return, it's definitely a fond thing rather than an insulting or mocking thing. One of my friends bought me a t-shirt saying 'save the pig'. laugh

So yeah, I don't eat pork or fish. I don't cook chicken or beef for myself, but I'll eat it if I'm at someone else's house or sharing food in a restaurant or something. I don't think it's morally wrong to kill and eat an animal (depending on its intelligence... I won't eat pigs, dolphins, etc..) but the livestock and fishing industries are way too environmentally unfriendly. I'm currently cheering for the... CRICKET INDUSTRY! A tiny amount of space, tiny amount of water, tiny amount of feed, and it's loads of cricket protein for everyone! biggrin

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4:17 pm, Sep 21 2014
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Because to many non-vegans, veganism is irrational.

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5:36 pm, Sep 21 2014
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My friend's a vegan for a couple reasons, but mainly because meat products are too heavy for his body to handle (something along those lines... basically health reasons). He's a nice guy and doesn't go around boasting to others about how he's a vegan, so with an approach like that, I'm sure everyone else around you eventually won't mind. smile


8:20 pm, Sep 21 2014
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"Are you an anarchist/ atheist/ vegetarian?/ vegan?" Are things that people usually don't have to ask others, because some of them will tell you whether you want to know it or not and maybe even boast about it.

Jokes aside, I have a friend who recently started being a vegetarian. She's cool about it, if you ask she'll tell you her reasons (which I didn't - lol), and that's it. She won't try to aggressively make you stop eating meat after showing you all of those videos about cruelty towards animals. We respect her choices and she respects ours, too. smile wink grin

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8:42 pm, Sep 21 2014
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Because people are weird. Personally, I've never met such a situation though. Been a vegetarian all my life. Maybe cause I come off a bit strong about it...? I mean, if anything, I'd be the first one criticizing those who aren't vegetarian. Don't suppose others had a chance on me. Surroundings. Plus matter of OCD. My close family are all vegetarian, and if they aren't... Well, I'd at least want my family clean, no?

My situation aside, according to an acquaintance, it's cause treating them to a meal is frankly a pain in the ass. No this, no that. Pours cold water I suppose.

I don't think it's that serious a problem though. I can see people (who doesn't know their facts) preaching about lack of nutritions without meat, and those who don't mind vegetarians so long as they aren't someone close enough to be inviting to lunch or dinner. Not so much as a personal thing, most ppl aren't too bothered really. In my case, I can't stand even the smell though... I can see how it comes off as being extremely inconvenient.

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9:31 pm, Sep 21 2014
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I don't dislike nor like vegans, probably because I don't know anyone who's a vegan. Lol. xD

But it'd be hard to have a proper conversation since I usually like to talk about food... hence, meat is a topic of conversation because I'm a meat lover. :3

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