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I'm looking for a monster hunter, hair-cutter schoolgirl manga...

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10:17 am, Nov 23 2022
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Yeah, it is what says on the tin: well, I read long ago a short manga (which i can't say it's was an one-shot or a story inside a compilation of the mangaka) about some schoolgirl who fights maggot-like parasite monsters that mind controls/transforms other schoolgirls. The source of infection was kind of a lice infestation the hair, so she cutted the hair of other girls to prevent this, and if I recall correctly, scalp some advanced infected girls.

And yeah, like I'm describing, it's a nonsensical, mezzo experimental manga by an interesting author that unfortunately I can't remember, I can only say he/she has a unconventional art loaded with a bit more ink than your usual manga (sort of like Dorohedoro). If someone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it, since I ran out of tag combination searchs (and this assuming it that it has the apropriate tags where I found it), and forgetting about it it's buggin' me out.

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