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smentai?? lol

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6:48 am, Dec 16 2008
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Yo yo..

I was wondering if there was any manga out there that was between a smut and hentai?

I like smut..cause some of htem have storylines, and the smex isn't too..overwhelming. Yet hentai its all about the sex.

are there series that are between those genres?? somewhere in the middle?

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Madame Red

6:51 am, Dec 16 2008
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kindan princess ~ but it doesn't have a decent plot i think.

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Mad With a Hat

6:55 am, Dec 16 2008
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This should be in the 18+ forum.

And about your request, maybe try searching for stuff with "smut" and "mature" or "adult" in them?

Gekkoh this might fit.
And maybe Toriko Aigan Shoujo.

Erm, it's not hentai, but it's strange... Don't know...
But MATSUMOTO Jiro has smutty manga that are not hentai, but I wouldn't recommend them~

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