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What do people do in there free time?

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The Shorty

6:51 pm, Sep 21 2010
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Hmm... I was just bored and thought of an interesting question...
What do people do in their free time
Not including reading manga or watching anime biggrin

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2nd wave MU user

6:57 pm, Sep 21 2010
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Play games.
Laze about.

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6:58 pm, Sep 21 2010
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Eat... sleep... bully my dog...

It's hard work, I know.

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A Person

7:00 pm, Sep 21 2010
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I play video games, read books, watch TV, and exercise. smile

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7:13 pm, Sep 21 2010
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Read books, write, watch TV, play video games, sleep laugh

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7:17 pm, Sep 21 2010
Posts: 74

Chatting with my friends, watch videos on youtube and bully my lil sis and bro biggrin

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Crazy Cat Lady

7:22 pm, Sep 21 2010
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What is this "free time" of which you speak? (O_o)

After the kids are in bed I read (manga or novels), watch dramas (mostly Japanese or Korean), cook or bake, study Japanese, listen to music...probably other stuff I can't remember right now. laugh

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7:35 pm, Sep 21 2010
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Books, net surf, do club stuff at school. I make food a lot, too.

I feel like I'm missing a vital chunk of my life... but I can't be since I know all other time is dedicated to academics. xD Homework's the devil.

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Slumbering Remnant

7:38 pm, Sep 21 2010
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do my homework
eat something in the fridge like pie, fruit, cake, rice, etc
stare off into space
think complex thoughts for a few hours
pray until I fall asleep when my insomnia kicks in
think/create stories in my head
draw and think what to draw
read a book
go outside and look at the surrondings and then think some things
listen to some music while thinking
examine and look at the small little details in things i never really noticed
and etc..
oh, and go on MU for sometime (excluding manga/anime reading and watching)
(man- I think too much...=_= ; )

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The Coolest

7:48 pm, Sep 21 2010
Posts: 891

i do lot of things i shouldnt in wastin my time doin them, whereas i could be doin homework or studying....but i play games, go out, listen to music, and other nonsense things(shoot things wit airsoft guns lol)...i am now reading Gears of War books, almost done wit the second one.

i should be studying cuz im transferring to NIU in spring, so i need to pass my classes and get my Assiocates in Arts. lol i kno wat i should be doin and i make plans but i never do, thts my part of me i sometimes dislike cuz it comes and sometimes bites me in the ass.

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7:49 pm, Sep 21 2010
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sleep, read normal books, do homework, go to movies, annoy my friends, watch tv, play mario, and draw

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7:51 pm, Sep 21 2010
Posts: 39

manga, games, hw, tv, xbox, and be bored biggrin

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8:02 pm, Sep 21 2010
Posts: 339

Do chores, and clean house. Lurk MU.
I need something to do.

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8:45 pm, Sep 21 2010
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Play my piano, sing, write music, study music, read about music, run, and watch Korean (and occasionally Japanese) dramas.

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Average Guy

8:49 pm, Sep 21 2010
Posts: 75

trying to stay alive and sane dead

Need a loving and lovely tsundere wife, anyone interested? >.<

On second thought yandere would also be fine.... O.O

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