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Harudaki scan team shouldn't be able to claim a manga completed when their release are private !

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10:37 am, May 13 2022
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I'm venting here sorry, but it has been bothering me for a while now.

Harudaki was a public group more than 10 years ago, then they fired all the members (readers and helpers) and decided to be a super private elite group of barely 10 members (or so I heard). They translate lots of BL manga but nothing is shared with readers outside of their group and no one is able to join their group either.

That's perfectly fine with me, anyone can create their team, scanlate manga and keep them for themselves. There is literally no obligation to share with the rest of the world your translation.
Where it bothers me is when this super private elite group decide to translate PRIVATELY a manga that NOBODY except the 10 or so members have access to, but still want to claim PUBLICLY the manga.
When you go on the page of a manga, under the "Groups Scanlating" section you see their group name, under the "Latest Release(s)" you see all their chapter release and then they even have the nerve to check the box YES for the "Completely Scanlated?". Yet, us readers can't find the manga anywhere !

What the hell ! If you don't post anything publicly, then you shouldn't update your wherabouts on baka-updates or any other website (cause this issue is not just on BU). All it does is make a manga appear to be scanlated or completed and so preventing other teams to work on them and us readers unable to read those manga. They have been doing this for years, gatekeeping more than 30 BL manga for themselves. That's pure selfishness.

And the worst part is Harudaki group works on BL manga by the most popular and finest BL mangaka like Scarlet Beriko, Yuitsu, Nishimoto Rou or Billy Balibally. That means we can forget about the newest Scarlet Beriko, two of Yuitsu' manga and Wolf Pack by Billy Balibally (I'm lucky here because this one was published in my country (France) months ago so I'm going to buy this one soon) 😢

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