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It's a wash...

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8:44 am, Oct 15 2016
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I went through the raws and I have to say, it's your incredibly cliched bad ending.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The mc confesses to the girl he's madly in love with, but of course falls for the weird girl. His crush ends up with the douchey friend. Weird girl disappears and then comes back right at the end.

For once I'd like an ending where the main character ends up with the person he spends the entire fucking manga fighting for with this element of them being in love with someone else. The girl is wasted on the idiot friend.

Some might not agree, but it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

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1:42 pm, Dec 10 2016
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Hmm douchey ? what you mean ?

his crush basically love his best friend not him

and his best friend was'nt that douchey i think, he was trying to set up the guy with his crush

even though i just read chapter 1 but that was i think

i will read it once it finished

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7:35 pm, Sep 29 2018
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Thanks for the heads up! If I read this manga I'll try to remember this thread so I don't get frustrated too lol. But if you aren't attached it sounds fun apart from that "Weird girl disappears and then comes back right at the end." which also happened in Nozoki Ana from this same author... guess I'll try to not create too much expectation in the romance side in this one, the story nonetheless doesn't seem so bad, besides it's a relatively short one with 4 volumes

"with this element of them " don't you mean *without?

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