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Need title-former kept boy still waiting for master, memory of going to movie

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12:50 pm, Sep 19 2019
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Read this manga a while ago but forgot the title. An elder guy (seme) a yakuza boss/rich guy took a guy as his kept man (uke), keeping him at an apartment. Seme treated uke well. Initially seme visits frequently, uke even developed feeling for seme. One day the uke asked the seme to take him out to movie because he really wanted to spend time with seme, the ticket he still kept long after he was abandoned. Then the seme started to meet the uke less frequently (think he was getting married) and finally not meeting him at all. The uke took off with a broken heart. At some point someone connected to the seme a secretary or something looked for uke (I think seme asked him took for uke). That’s basically all I remember about the plot but it broke my heart to see how uke still craved for the seme and kept the movie ticket as it was his precious memory with seme. If anyone knows the title I would be most grateful to you.[m]


3:56 pm, Jul 27 2021
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did you ever found out? D:

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6:53 am, Nov 1 2021
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It reminds me of something, but I'm not sure. Two tickets ... it reminds me more of manhwa ... I'll look in the saved ones!
Maybe look in the yakuza / mafia category?

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10:51 am, Nov 2 2021
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Sounds an aweful lot like Hakidame to Tsuru

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