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Scanlating the last 3 Volumes.

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6:38 am, Dec 6 2022
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Hi! I've picked up scanlating the last 3 volumes of Biorg Trinity.
Because I was tired of waiting for it for four years...

The end-game plot reallys starts at Vol 12, with attempts to make sense of the setting.
It was kind of sad to know a lot of fans like me couldn't see it.

For a brief summary of the volumes
Vol 12 - A continuation of some battles, getting to the climax.
Vol 13 - A lot of plot resolution of what is actually happening with the universe.
Vol 14 - Epilogue chapters.

As for the status of the project:

Released Chapters 47-48.
Currently typesetting on 49-50.

Waiting on scripts for the next chapters,
but already cleaning and redrawing the rest of the raws.

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10:50 am, Jan 2 2023
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Thank you for picking this up, has been very unsatisfying not to know how it ends.

Looking forward to your work with the remaining volumes.

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1:39 am, Jan 6 2023
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55 translations are only being delivered on the 12th, so the release would be a few days after that.

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