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Can you help me find this manga?

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11:10 pm, Jun 26 2013
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Thank you so much!! (Bow)

Post #605169 - Reply to (#605165) by Serena Shum
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11:43 pm, Jun 26 2013
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Quote from Serena Shum

err... you've found it?

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11:50 pm, Jun 26 2013
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I'm assuming she's looking for the manga pictured - scanlators often put in pics from other manga for their introductions, adverts for volunteers, congratulations to each other, etc. And, irritatingly enough, most of the time they don't site which manga the pic is from, so then you see a lovely scene and have to guess where in the world it came from.

Unfortunately I don't recognize the pic. If need be, OP, you can always just email the scanlation group, if they're still active.

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12:33 am, Jun 27 2013
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It's the sign Pisces from sho comi's 2011 calendar. The picture is apparently made by Shiraishi Yuki.

Post #605179 - Reply to (#605170) by FlameTwirler
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1:00 am, Jun 27 2013
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That's so~ TRUE!!! Most of manga (introduction, adverts and etc) that I read has no site or title, so I continue reading another chapter... Because maybe nobody will know about this picture get from.. Sooo saddd..... (T_T)

Oh? Really!? <3 (This is only a art or comic?) smile

Thank you sooo much!!! XDD

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