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Tg or gender bender guy into girl but as a girl falls in love with guy

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10:06 am, Jun 27 2016
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Too much yuri.... too much yaoi....!

Can anyone point me to an anime or manga where guy magically or scientifically gets turned into a girl and falls in love as a girl... falls in love with a guy. So technically it is heterosexual.... but tg. and not yuri or yaoi, technically.

Ideal scenario is a macho guy, becomes girl, gets confused, likes certain aspects of becoming a girl, or has to suck it up because he can never go back to being a guy.

I have never seen such a manga except for tens hi no konamaiki and Day of Revolution. Come on... there can't only be just two of such mangas like this... can there?

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11:47 am, Jun 27 2016
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Try Kanojo ni Naru Hi.


12:18 pm, Jun 27 2016
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Fukigen Cinderella maybe

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12:41 pm, Jun 27 2016
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Kanojo ni Naru Hi Another
Sekainohate de Aimashou
and Return, to some degree

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4:56 pm, Jun 27 2016
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I second Return.

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7:39 pm, Jun 28 2016
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Any else. Naru Hi was a nice suggestion... kind of exactly what I was looking for. Anything else? Any in anime form?

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Miku fan

9:07 pm, Jun 28 2016
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Idol Pretender Complete
and Boku Girl (ongoing ch.77)

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9:51 pm, Jun 28 2016
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Ranma, he falls in love with himself I think, in one chapter.


12:18 am, Jun 29 2016
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My Barbaric Girlfriend
Day of Revolution
Click (not that great but it fits the bill)
I am My Wife I think this fits under weirdest gender bender ever. Just started though.
Full Moon ni Sasayaite

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