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Translation location for the books that have been translated (FOUND!!)

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4:18 pm, Sep 24 2022
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So I've been watching this page for a past few years now to find out when the translation was finally completed (I hate starting a series without having the option to binge read to the end!) but then found out that the translator deleted her tumblr account and it was nearly impossible to find. (TT_TT)

I found a link that lead to a incomplete archive with only vols 8 and 9 available and thought it was lost forever. But now I found a COMPLETE link for volumes 1-9 with a few side stories from the original translator, saved in another archive. I'm sure I'm not the only one wanting to read more on their favourite fandom so here it is.

I rather hope I'm not breaking rules for posting this - is this alright?? It really is a VERY hard site to find otherwise! I've spent 2 years searching for this! 😢 😲 😢

Also would like to point out that volumes 10-12 are still waiting for translators to pick up this project. At least vol 12 is the final volume!

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