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Looking for manga about a magic school

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3:35 pm, Apr 1 2019
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I’m looking for a manga I read when I was little like 5-8 years ago. I checked it out from the kids section at my library. I remember little of the plot because I was so young. It starts with this girl finding a book/diary then opening it only to have a young witch or something pop out from a magic school in another world. The witch says something about being disappointed that her new “partner” wasn’t a handsome guy. The only other thing I remember was the two girls going into the book and the earth/non magical girl going into the book to the school and not liking the school lunch. Anything you know would be very helpful. This was the first manga I ever read and I’d like to reread it as a 16 year old.

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3:05 pm, Jun 23 2019
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The Big Adventures of Majoko?

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