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Ice Blade's Tsutomu Takahashi Launches Jumbo Max Manga

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7:18 pm, Apr 9 2020
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This year's eighth issue of Shogakukan's Big Comic magazine revealed on Friday that Tsutomu Takahashi will launch a new manga titled Jumbo Max in the magazine's next issue on April 25.
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Takahashi will also launch a separate new manga titled Guitar Shop Rosie in Big Comic's sister magazine Big Comic Zōkan on May 16.

Tokyopop published Takahashi's Jiraishin detective action manga, under the title Ice Blade, as one of the company's first titles in North America. Takahashi serialized a sequel called Jiraishin diablo in Good! Afternoon magazine from 2008 until it ended in 2011. His Skyhigh manga received a live-action film adaptation, which Media Blasters released under its Tokyo Shock label in 2005.

Takahashi launched the NeuN manga in Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine in May 2017, and he ended the manga's "first part" on February 3.

Source: ANN

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