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Bisexual character ends up with opposite sex

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6:24 am, Jun 11 2015
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Hi, I'm looking for anything with bisexual character who ends up with opposite sex. Doesn't need to be the main leads or focus on romance as long as their story is decent. Can be from any genre. Thank you smile

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8:04 am, Jun 11 2015
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Haru yo, Koi is one of the best seinen romances I've read. (Most seinen romances aren't great. I thought this one was. Read it at the end of high school.)

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12:08 am, Jun 12 2015
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Try Complex Family and Venus wa Kataomoi. Thats all i can think of right now! Both stories are good the first one is seinen and completed. The 2nd one is shoujo but still is not completed. B
hope u enjoy them

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