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New Poll - Credit Pages

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12:23 am, May 4 2019
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This week's poll was suggested by jacob66. Pretty self-explanatory.

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: When you see other people recommending series to each other (such as the I'm Looking For... forum) but you're not original questioner, do you read the series that are suggested?
Nah, I'll only pay attention if I'm the one that asked for a recommendation - votes: 126 (4.8%)
Sometimes or seldom, as they don't always suit my tastes - votes: 1815 (69.3%)
All the time! So many hidden jewels! - votes: 679 (25.9%)
There were 2620 total votes.
The poll ended: May 4th 2019

Not a very popular poll. I think many people misunderstood my mention of the "I'm Looking For..." forum as part of the question rather than just an example of the question.

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12:24 am, May 4 2019
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Translation notes, the one true answer.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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Lone Wanderer

5:07 am, May 4 2019
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Definitely translation notes. Jokes from the scanlators are very hit-or-miss, and sometimes downright offensive or jarring when they don't match with the tone of the chapter/story. I don't read the credits or group news, except a quick look over to make sure they aren't dropping the series. And original artwork isn't very common, is it? I remember EGS releases having them at some point, and those were pretty good, but apart from that...

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1:10 pm, May 4 2019
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Translation notes. News is alright if it's relevant to the series, like a change in their expected release schedule or status of the series.

No to comedy because the jokes can go over reader's heads when they're inside jokes or just not amusing. It can get particularly annoying when the credit page is taken from the manga but all the text is replaced with their jokes or commentary; I'll continue reading only to realize it's not part of the chapter.

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1:58 pm, May 4 2019
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Otion f: Nothing


2:45 pm, May 4 2019
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As I specified in my comment, the only places I *would* hear about manga recommendations are

(a) here on the Looking For forum, or

(b) irl

And I explained that if I frequented the Looking For forum, I might follow recommendations more often, but as it stands, most of the recommendations I hear about are in real life and I'm more of an otaku than pretty much anyone I know in real life so those recommendations end up being either redundant or mediocre for me.

Anyway, for this poll, I picked Translation notes, because I know elementary-level (like, EARLY elementary-level) Japanese and am a huge weeb. Comedy is second for me, and would be first if I didn't know as much as I already know. On extremely rare occasion (and only with very small groups, and it turns out only with translators who've been native Korean or Chinese people that picked up linguistic written Japanese but maybe know less about the culture than a super-otaku like I am even though I'm undoubtedly worse at Japanese than they are overall), I've actually offered corrections for a translator's note!

Post #769049 - Reply to (#769045) by HikaruYami
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7:17 pm, May 4 2019
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Translation notes
I have a particular interest in the translation techniques scanlation groups apply to approximate the original message to its most accurate form in another language. I like when translators explain why they chose a certain sentence above another one that could have conveyed exactly the same idea because they took into account the particular characteristics of the character who is talking or other elements that can determine how words are going to impact the reader.

Quote from HikaruYami
I picked Translation notes, because I know elementary-level (like, EARLY elementary-level) Japanese and am a huge weeb.

I think anyone who enjoys learning languages or that has an interest in pragmatics or semantics would end reading the translation notes for either self-study or fun.

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5:05 am, May 6 2019
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I'd like to throw out another vote for Option f: Nothing.

If I'm reading through a series I've not read before, no credits pages makes it so much easier and smoother to do. If there's more than one credits page (I've seen up to 8(!) per release) with a group then that's especially bad and massively breaks the story flow as you're binge reading chapters.

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