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Need Translator! We will provide the others! (Joint Project is Also Welcome)

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1:52 am, Oct 27 2018
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Thanks for visiting the thread.

As you can see on title, we need a translator to scanlate a series. The name is Yondemasu yo, Azazeru-san . It generally a slap-stick comedy manga which involved summoning (and bullying) demons. It generally well accepted (see the manga reviews) and popular - thanks to the anime . But, somehow the manga is stalled (believe me, it's damn hilarious)

Now... after preparing for so long, we have everything, except translator.

There's no condition on it. We won't make any deadline or anything. You help us as much as you can and want (since practically we are busy with our life as well). Even you can negotiate your condition as well. (yes, we beg you translator-san)

So, any help or suggestions are most welcome. You can contact us by this forum, email (ariathecompany at, or private message to my inbox.

Thank you very much in advance,

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5:34 am, Oct 27 2018
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waiting for this to be fruitful

i could only help by praying ?

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