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Looking for a Manga that I saw but dont remember name

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1:23 pm, Jan 24 2016
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Im looking for a manga that I read the first chapter but dont remember the name of it so this is the jizz of what I remember. The protagonist is strong and his childhood friend who is a male is being bullying and he helps him but he tell him he aint gonna help him anymore and to become strong on his own then the protagonis ecounters a girl who tell him something dont remember , then a shoot of the childhood friend being bully again but his saying in his head that he has to be strong then he becames a bird monster and kill or something every bully and then says that he is stronger that the protagonist and that is all I remember please help me find the name

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Nice desu ne

2:14 pm, Jan 24 2016
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Just wanted to tell you that it's "gist" haha

Well Well...

2:27 pm, Jan 24 2016
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>jizz lol

What now?
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Mr. Nerd

3:06 pm, Jan 24 2016
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First off, I think you didn't mean to write jizz there. If you know what it is.
I thoroughly went through my memory and lists and finally found the one you're looking for!
Kami to Sengoku Seitokai <--------

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5:18 pm, Jan 24 2016
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Thanks and gist got it &#128516;

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