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A yokai reincarnation manga

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4:14 am, Jan 6 2022
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Please somebody tell me what this manga is

I read this manga a couple years ago so I can’t recall much.
The lead characters are both male but one of them was originally female in her initial life( I believe it was a romance). They’ve been forced to reincarnate multiple times because of their great power to defeat yokai. In this Manga the yokai look like black gangly shadows. The originally male lead has short black hair and the ex female has blonde hair. The sword they used shattered and they now find fragments of it in the yokai they defeat. They have matching bracelets from their first lives. The manga features three male best friends 2 of which I already described and the third is a regular human who ends up helping the evil side because he’s jealous. Can’t be too sure though.

Sorry for my bad grammar and punctuation

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