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Chihayafuru (Arata/Taichi)

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12:49 pm, May 20 2014
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Team Arata eyes eyes ... and the choice is up to the heroine not up to us wink

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ichigo 100%

7:45 am, Feb 27 2015
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the 3rd year is here. Some really awesome development (just finished ch140). I think it's back to being shoujo. if taichi will really quit karuta, this looks bad news for taichi fans. Chihaya will be back to playing karuta, for sure. How passionate will she be, is unsure.

I can't seem to think of a romantic development with chihaya if taichi isnt playing karuta anymore. It can if chihaya will just casually play karuta, gives up on queen, breaks her promise with Shinobu, and just continue to become a teacher. That means manga will end at the graduation of Chihaya and Taichi.

If taichi is drawn back to karuta, then this manga can go much longer. they will be college students. Arata becomes meijin, Taichi defeats Arata, Chihaya defeats Shinobu, and Taichi marries Chihaya.

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