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ShootingStarScans is Recruiting Staff.

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10:41 pm, Jan 19 2022
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Shooting star scans are in urgent need of the following roles:

WordPress Developers (Super urgent)
Chinese translator (Super urgent)
If you are good at translations, you will be given an opportunity to work alongside Bilibili~
Typesetters (Urgent)
Rawprovider (Urgent)
Cleaners / Redrawers (Urgent)
ProofReaders (Urgent)

Please do note that we don't ask for donations nor we don't get paid so don't expect us to pay as this is fan-based translations and we put our pocket money into this so it's all voluntary.
We do monthly nitro giveaways for our staff based on a points system.

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11:33 pm, Jan 19 2022
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what's the job description of Wordpress Developers?

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