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Bring Harmony between publishers and scanlators

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4:14 am, Jun 14 2016
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Quote from hydrascarlet
Hey again!
Ahah, yeah, that was my first forum post, I'm in this website just to update my scanlation teams' releases but the title of your topic called my attention, I read it and I said what I thought about it.
Well, technically I'm in four teams of one project each. Sadly, I'm pretty sure my wor ...

I have to admit that's pump me up even more xD And thank you again for your concrete support!

Quote from Sorcha
I don't think it's going to work, unless the reader gain free access to the manga. Sort of like what LINE does with webtoon. But then again, LINE is a massive group that could invest heavily in advertisement.

Good luck finding a series that hasn't been licensed in english language.

There would be a free preview, but I don't think manga should be free. It's the hard work of an author and it deserve to be rewarded.
That's said, licenses for physical distribution doesn't include the digital one, so it should not be a problem.
The business model of LINE is different, they aim to self-publishing and only a small fraction of authors are remunerated, that's why they can go on with ads & merchandise only.

Quote from ckrit
I suppose being able to choose between to ways would attract the most amount of users. I don't think many people would actually use an automatic scroll function, though, and if it's that much of a WIP, I don't think it would be an efficient use of your resources, especially not in the beginning.

Yes, if I ever include the automatic one, will be after the start and the gathering of some good metrics to tare it. Just an idea for now xD

Quote from ckrit
I wouldn't say they're slow or unwilling, in fact, prompt replies to mails and inquiries are something are much required in a country like Japan I've noticed. It's just that they are cautious, vague and require a lot of meeting and saying the same thing over and over again until you can seal a deal. That's why you ought to present your business as professionally as possible, even if it isn't. Looks and first impressions count for a lot more here in Japan than elsewhere I feel.

Yes, I know in Japan the first impression and looks are very important and they are suspicious about foreigners, furthermore the project isn't a simple one to discuss. That's why I want the basis to be as strong and perfect as possible. One misstep and all will be gone. The community support is super important!

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