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6:52 pm, Mar 3 2015
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Since Solitary translation closed its doors. is anyone translating or going to translate this series? since Yen will probably drop it after 2 volumes/ a year or so.

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7:34 pm, Mar 4 2015
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I was looking forward to reading some LN updates since I got back after 2 months of no internet, I'm both glad and upset about the licensing. Glad that its doing well as a series, upset that I can't read it for who knows how long :< Someone please pick it up!~

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6:52 am, Apr 5 2015
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Yen did a terrible job for volume 1. There are too many typos, like "Hestia" is often called "Hesita", "Orairo" instead of "Orario", "Hephaistos" is "Hesphaistos" in the last page, etc. I even spotted a "quiet" instead of "quite". It seems they haven't re-read the translation once before publishing, but instead just did a "check for spelling mistakes" with Word or something.

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