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Looking for a slice of life(?) series I forgot the name of

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10:06 am, Sep 23 2022
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From the little I can remember of this series its about this black-haired guy living on his own with a weird condition? that makes his entire body start to melt like ice when he gets near anything that produces heat

I believe theres also this girl that shows up at his apartment and catches him as a puddle on his kitchen floor, so she has to cool him down to turn him back into a solid... or something like that lmfao

Its a fairly new series from what I can tell, I hope this helps 😛

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9:18 pm, Sep 24 2022
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Found it! The manga's name is "Sugu ni Tokechau Hyouta-kun"

Turns out my recollection wasn't exactly accurate lol

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