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Way to bookmark authors?

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9:42 pm, Feb 7 2021
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Is there a way to bookmark authors for later? Like a private list of favorites to keep track of favorite artists and their series?

Like cute things. 🐇🌸

5:43 am, Apr 19 2021
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I would also like to add authors, artists and groups to a reading / wish or favourites list - for future reference or to follow them around.

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7:37 pm, May 9 2021
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I agree with this, it would be awesome to have a notation for favorite authors so that I can immediately see that they've published something new. Not sure how it would work with the icons that we already get for reading lists on the release page, but I'd support any variation they come up with if they implement it.

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4:46 am, May 11 2021
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Interesting, one vote from me. We get new title entries and can check them manually, but it will be easier if we can anticipate notifications from authors we follow.

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9:11 am, May 11 2021
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That'd be cool. But also lots of work for something that would be rarely used. Well at least for me, I would add 5 authors most. And how many mangas one can write?
Well I lately begun reading manga so I am probably a bad example but just a thought.

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10:37 am, Sep 22 2021
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I agree with this.

I can add authors on Dynasty Reader to Lists on that platform. It makes it nice to keep track of favorite authors. It acts very much the same as adding a chapter/series/etc. to a List there.

On MAL, you can also favorite an author/director/voice actor much like you can any other release or character.

Following an author would be more useful, especially for those web artists.

Not like it's a vital thing, but it would be a great addition.

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