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Manga and anime

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2:37 pm, Mar 18 2009
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How closely does the anime follow the plot of the manga, I just finished watching the anime and was thinking of picking up the manga. If the anime follows the plot and then deviates then where should I start reading in the manga?

Edit: also for those who have seen/read both the anime and manga respectively which do you prefer?

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11:38 pm, Jul 17 2009
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There's an anime too? I'd love to watch it, I think I would like the manga better though, as I do not really like historical things (like anime) in general.

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11:42 pm, Jul 17 2009
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The anime follows the plot pretty much to the letter, if I'm remembering correctly.

The manga probably has a few extra scenes in it, and just generally speaking is probably mildly better. Emma was pretty well-done in terms of animation and sound though, so it's a close call.

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