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10:51 am, Feb 26 2012
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Baka Manga is essential for keeping track of new manga and releases. I can't get along without it. I do, however, have a suggestion.

As I read more manga (and HD prices inflate) I find myself reading more on line. I've been using the "Wish List" option to mark these, but I can't keep track of what chapter or volume I last read.

Would there be a way to make a new category (OL perhaps) so that we can mark and keep track of what we download, what we read on-line, and what we want to read in the future?

Thanks for reading and thanks for a great site. biggrin

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11:00 am, Feb 26 2012
Posts: 486

What you are asking is already in place. Just put whatever you are reading in your "reading list".

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11:25 am, Feb 26 2012
Posts: 1096

You can create custom lists.

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