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Help me find this manhwa😭

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10:14 am, Aug 23 2022
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Hi can anyone help me gind this manhwa.
Setting is mostly in the workplace. Uke is an employee and seme is the team leader?
So uke has a huge crush on seme but he thinks seme is straight so he go on with it by the distance. But then when seme confronted uke because of a work matter something like to keep a blond eye about something. Uke finds out that seme is gay because seme uses gay dating app or a gay hook up app. So uke tried to shoot his shot by asking if seme would like to have sexual intercourse. Seme said no but eventually agreed. Seme had a plan to be real rough with uke to turn off uke but then uke likes it rough. Idk if that makes sense or anything but I hope anyone can help me?😭

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10:34 am, Aug 23 2022
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it's this [url][/url]

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