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New Poll - Obtaining Superpowers

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3:02 am, Jun 25 2021
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Would turn into an MHA type world. First, there would be chaos, though it would calm down a little as time goes on. The all the heroes come, the profession is created and made official. And life continues from there. It's only a matter of time when we find out who the real protagonist is amongst us.

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4:30 pm, Jul 2 2021
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The world would be the same.

If slavery ,discrimination by race and/or status already exists, I think there might be even crueler ways of slavery and more obvious discrimination if they existed. But if you've ever heard of death squads, racial purges (like the one otomans did) or what happened in the Congo using inhuman ways to enslave a country under one person you'll understand how difficult it is for things to get worse and how little Belgium cares and does to correct wrongdoings. Just as many other recent historical examples don't care for what they did.

Probably there would be many cases in which for some, life would be the same . But there would also be concentration camps for useful powers , genocides ... All of this stuff already happens 🙄 .

Pd.: Dam, I missed my own poll .
(Thanks for putting it up).

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