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8:59 am, Nov 8 2015
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I just read 39 chapters and am absolutely dumfounded by Qwan's plot.

1st: Ukitsu apparently found, named, stripped away a portion of Qwan's powers with the intention of manipulating him, and then let Qwan go without the thought of ever seeing him again... How does that make any sense?

2nd: Why does Shaga know about the Essential Arts of Peace scrolls and that they relate to Qwan? Apparently the scrolls are only 10 years old, have been protected by Ukitsu's student, and only recently were given to the palace. Azan's grandfather even makes a big deal about them being treacherous despite the fact that he obviously never checked to see if the palace had received them.

3rd: Why did Shaga stop Qwan from consuming the spider demon, Yuushi? Qwan could have ended half his quest with that but is instead forced into the convoluted plot that follows. Yuushi offers nothing to the plot from that point on besides being Daki's father figure at the end.

4th: Both Daki and her insect bodyguards never question why Qwan has a similar birthmark. You'd think that would get at least a passing comment and yet it's never mentioned. Furthermore, why did Shaga never consult Daki about her aura?

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