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In Series Info page, if you select order by rating, it doesn't remove the letter selection

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bishounen lover

10:59 am, Apr 24 2022
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Firstly, thank you for all your maintenance on this awesome site and reviewing my issue

I saw and I think it is related

Reproduction steps:
• go to series info page
• click on order by rating

What happens:
Url goes from

What I expected
It to just order by rating and not filter by letter

This is undesirable for two reasons:
• some series are missing
• many series are using the wrong name

(It's a bit confusing and I didn't understand what was happening until I was writing the bug report and was copying urls. )

Proposed solution:
When you go to series info page, don't start out filtering by letter. It's easy to filter by letter, but not obvious how to remove that filter.

It might also help to make it more obvious when you're filtering by letter. It's hard to spot if you weren't expecting it.

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