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12:00 pm, Aug 13 2008
Posts: 42 I just finished reading the series, was pretty good, but I don't really get the ending...

so what was pandaemonium exactly anyways?
With the destruction of pandemonium, all the "demons" in the world were destroyed? And what were Aion's and Chrno's goals exactly, I know that Aion wanted to destroy Pandamonium to "free the world from bondage", so that means he actually had good intentions?
Then why did Chrno and Aion had to fight in the end, did he not want Pandamonium destroyed or something?

Anyways, I'm so confused...hoping someone can share some insight =)

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Sleeper Agent

9:29 pm, Nov 17 2008
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it's been a while since i finished this story but what helped me understand the ending was rereading it a couple of times

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The Beast

5:05 am, Mar 29 2009
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the ending was so sad yet so beautiful.

ugh~ i just want to know what happened to chrono after he met rosette just before she die. did he die too with her?
because in 1999 there was no sign of his existence either.
in the anime version, he was found died together with rosette.

please, someone help me with this...

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9:51 am, May 25 2009
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strayed :

1999 At the scence which stella visited Rosette grave, one bouquet already put here (Rosette grave).
Who should be the one that put that bouquet on Rosette grave? The best bet is chrno.

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