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A manhwa about a girl who sees ghosts and falls in love with one

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2:13 pm, Nov 15 2018
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From what I remember the girl sees spirits and charges people to solve other people's ghost problems for them. She lives in an apartment where the veil is thinner. She meets a ghost and a guy who is like a professor of sorts who studies supernatural phenomena. The professor decides at first thinks she's a con artist and despicable for charging people to get in touch with their loved ones. I think the professor falls in love with her too and she gets into a love triangle with him and the ghost.

One of the cases she solves is a guy who thinks his dad is having an affair because he keeps hearing arguments in the nights about the father bringing home his mistress into the house. In the end it turns out to be house spirits and the mistress is the toilet spirit. And it was a huge misunderstanding.

The ghost that the girl falls in love with loves her because she looks exactly like his ex-girlfriend who breaks up with him after he buys her shoes. He never buys people shoes as gifts as he believes it will symbolise the person to walk away from them. But he does something out of the ordinary and buys it her anyway and dies after a shopping mall collapses.

In the end it turns out the ghost, the girl and the professor were reincarnations. The girl was a princess in her past life and was in love with the professor guy but her dad promises her to the ghost guy who is a foreigner and mistaken for the dragon king's son (I may be mistaken on this part). The ghost and the girl get married but the girl wants to be with the professor guy or something. In the end she gets reincarnated twice so she could be with both guys but in different times for fairness. The ghost guy's ex-girlfriend was the girl's first reincarnation and her second reincarnation is in the present time and she's meant to be with the professor this time around. I can't remember how it ends.

But can anyone help me find this series please? Thank you.

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4:39 pm, Nov 15 2018
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9:40 pm, Nov 15 2018
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Jesus. What a rollercoaster of events.

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